Coho Data Intelligent Analytics

For those of you that stopped by the Coho Data booth at VMworld back in August, you may have seen a preview of our intelligent analytics functionality.

We use intelligent analytics to predictively determine the flash working set of your workloads and from that data figure out exactly how much flash you need in your virtualized environment. This has several benefits, no least of which is to show you that you may not necessarily need an All-Flash Array (AFA) to back your workloads. A hybrid approach might be a more efficient, less expensive option. This functionality can also help you determine how much of our storage is needed and when you need to add more performance and/or capacity. We can even determine the types of workloads you are running based on what we call an “application footprint”. Finally, we can use this functionality to organically rebalance the data that makes up your VMs and put the bits on the tier that best matches the I/O requirements of those bits.

Here, I link to a video (annotated) which goes over a bit of the functionality. If you’d like to learn more, feel free to comment on this post, reach out to me, or send an e-mail here.

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vExpert Webinar

It was great presenting last week’s vExpert Webinar along with my colleague Forbes Guthrie.

We did an overview of our scale-out technology, a deep dive on our integration with SDN and then spoke about the innovations we revealed at VMworld a couple months back.

For those of you who were not able to attend the webinar, you can watch it here. Enjoy!

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TWiET #100 – Coho Data

If you missed Andy on today’s episode of TWiET (This Week in Enterprise Tech) you missed a lot. As promised, here’s an embed of the recording. Geek out with Andy on Web-scale, Flash, Horizontal scaling, Shared-nothing architecture, Software-defined, Cloud and on and on. It was a lot of fun listening live, but it’s always a treat when Andy’s on-stage!

Learn more here!

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Coho’s Andy Warfield on TWiT!


Andy Warfield, Coho Data‘s illustrious CTO and Co-Founder, will be appearing on the TWiT network’s This Week in Enterprise Tech (TWiET) podcast (episode #100… wow!) this coming Monday, July 21st at 2:30PM PST.

I have been an avid listener of TWiT since the very beginning so this is an especially big deal for not only me, but allows us to speak to a unique audience about how we’re defining the world of SDS and SDN.

Catch the live stream here on Mon or, you can find the playback here (once posted).


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Win a Free Pass to VMworld 2014!

Coho Data is giving away a free, full conference pass to VMworld 2014. All you have to do is fill out the form (linked below) for your chance to win. Come learn how we are delivering high performance scale-out storage solutions for VMware. Me, Forbes Guthrie and the rest of the crew will be there to get you up-to-speed on all the innovative things we have been hard at work on here at Coho. I’ll really looking forward to the event… I hope you are too! Look for a VMworld preview post from me; coming soon.

Thanks for reading! vmworld_freepass2014

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